updated: 1.3.2016

2 minute read

We get the same questions asked almost every day. We don’t mind. We actually kind of enjoy it. The questions go something like this:
“Do you guys watch Pawn Stars or Hardcore Pawn?”
“Do people bring you historical items like they do on Pawn Stars?”
“Do people act crazy in your store like they do on Hardcore Pawn?”
“Has anyone ever pawned their gold tooth?”
Ok… maybe that last question doesn’t get asked every day, but it has been asked before. (Mainly because of this) It’s amazing what TV shows such as Pawn Stars & Hardcore Pawn have accomplished within the pawn industry. The recognition they brought to the business is nothing short of amazing. We have new people stopping by our store everyday, for the most part because they watched a pawn shop TV show and enjoyed it.
So how do everyday pawn shops compare to the pawn TV shows that everyone loves so much? We like to tell people that our pawn shop is a lot like the TV shows, but not as exaggerated.
Do people bring in historical items like they do on Pawn Stars? Yes, but not near as often. Every transaction shown on Pawn Stars is about a famous or historical item. But hey, it’s the History Channel, what do you expect? We don’t get to see the historical items as much as the Pawn Stars do, however, people still bring them in! Antique silverware, coins, paper money, and even an ‘unverified’ 3 Doors Down autographed guitar. Do we buy these items when they come in the shop? If the price is right!
Do people act crazy in our store like they do on Hardcore Pawn? Very rarely. We limit this as much as we possibly can. Has it happened before? Yes. But to be honest, we have the greatest respect for our customers and 99.9% of the time they show us that same respect. We have a lot of fun and enjoy helping our customers. No one gets kicked out of the store like they do on Hardcore Pawn ;).
So what can you expect when you go to a pawn shop? A little bit of both worlds! If you combined Hardcore Pawn & Pawn Stars into one TV show, with an even mix of both, that would be a pretty accurate portrayal of your everyday neighborhood pawn shop!
By the way! If you are wondering whether or not anyone has ever pawned a gold tooth in our store… the answer is yes!