updated: 12.9.2015

3 minute read


Have you ever heard of buyer’s remorse? It’s that feeling you get after you make a purchase that you know you shouldn’t have made. That feeling that makes you a little sick to your stomach. It’s the feeling of regret. And it’s a bad feeling… One of the main causes of buyer’s remorse is spending too much money on something. You bought something. You paid too much for it. Now you feel bad. Want to know a good way to avoid buyer’s remorse? Never buy anything brand new!
Here are 3 items that you should NEVER pay full retail for!
1. Diamonds & Gold
You’ve heard the saying before… “You should spend at least three months salary on an engagement ring.” The more he spends, the more he loves you, right? At least that’s what the diamond companies tell us. WRONG. The average amount spent on retail engagement rings is probably somewhere around $4,000. (That’s just a guess… but we’re probably pretty close!) That’s outrageous! You can get the same quality jewelry at a FRACTION of the cost by purchasing used. For instance, let’s say one day you were to find the same $4,000 engagement ring for sale in a pawn shop. More than likely, the price tag on that piece would be closer to $600!
That’s a huge jump. Trust us on this one. Never pay full retail for jewelry.
2. Guitars
Guitars come in all shapes, sizes, and price ranges. Depending on the manufacturer, you can look to purchase a new guitar anywhere from $50 and $5,000. However, playing guitar is a hobby that, unfortunately, many people give up on very quickly. This means that you can probably score a really nice guitar for half the price by purchasing used. Always check the pawn shop before buying a new guitar. Always. You’re bound to find a sweet deal. Martin. Gibson. Fender. You name it. We’ve sold it. And we’ve sold it at HALF the price of a new one.
3. Video Games / Movies
Video games and movies are expensive! A brand new game will easily run $59.95 and a new release movie will be around $19.95 to $24.95. Wanna know a secret? Video games and movies are drastically cheaper if you buy them used. If there is any way possible for you to resist the urge to buy the newest Halo game on the day it comes out, you’ll be thankful. You can save SO much money. Yeah you may have to wait a month or two. So what? Is it really worth $60 for you to be able to play Madden 18 on its release date? Not when you can pick it up at a pawn shop for $10 not even 2 months later!
The same exact principle applies for DVDs and BluRays. Why pay $25 for a new movie when you could wait a month or two and find it in the pawn shop for $2.00?
These are just a few of the many things you can save money on by purchasing used. Cars, laptops and band instruments to name a few others. With a little patience, and a little time, you’re bound to score a great deal!